Vegetarian Minestrone


Serves 4
15 Min
1liter hot vegetable stock
400g tin chopped tomatoes
100g thin spaghetti, broken into short lengths
300g frozen mixed vegetables (carrot, corn, peas)
4 tbsp pesto
olive oil
coarsely grated vegetarian parmesan-style cheese
  • Bring stock to a boil with tomatoes in a dutch oven.
  • Add spaghetti and cook for 6 minutes or until done.
  • A few minutes before the pasta is done, add vegetables and bring back to the boil.
  • Simmer for 2 minutes until everything is cooked.
  • Serve in bowls. Drizzle pesto and oil and springkle with parmesan.

Cookware you can use for this recipe
  • TIVOLI® Zero
    Casserole with Glass Cover

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